Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Leg-rests, comfort and freedom

02 July 2013

Elevating leg rests rule! Elevating leg rests for PM! (well to be honest they'd probably do a better job than some MPs who seem to just vote the way they're told and send stock letters to constituents)

My nice (and handsome, drool...) wheelchair fixy man came at the end of last week, put new batteries in both wheelchairs, serviced Roadrunner and put on my new elevating leg-rests. If you don't know what these are, see below. Put simply they can move up and down to any angle you want and fully support your legs thanks to the calf supports. Nice (and handsome) wheelchair fixy man told me Roadrunner was in brilliant condition and was now as good as new but had definitely been in need of a service!

I took Roadrunner out for a spin on Sunday and it was wonderful. Strangely all those weird rattley noises had disappeared (*innocent look*)... The motors were nice and quiet again and speed back up to normal. Wheeeeee!
But the best thing was the comfort. Oh...my... goodness... What a difference those leg rests made. As a result I was able to stay out for the longest time in about 2 years. And it wasn't even a particularly brilliant day, just average-good. So I stayed out and treated myself to lunch in a cafe on the common to celebrate.
With any luck there will be more "walks" out now that it is more comfortable. Freedom here I come.

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  1. Great to hear that they make a measurable difference! I've tried them once or twice when borrowing airport wheelchairs with reasonable results (though there's no way I could call it a comprehensive test - I don't use a chair often enough for any real comparison), so I suspect they're probably worth at least trying out for anyone with sitting issues.