Monday, 16 June 2014

Week 11: May 17th-23rd : Return Home

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Saturday May 17th:

My sister and baby niece were off to London for a hen party (baby friendly). It was my Mum's birthday and we spent the day going for a walk and later enjoying a good meal together.

Sunday May 18th:

It was finally time for me to return home. I found it really hard to say goodbye to my sister and baby niece. This isn't quite a final goodbye as my sister will come and stay with me one more time before they leave. It was still difficult though. My niece has grown to know me over the past two weeks and it is heartbreaking to know that she will soon return to Australia and I won't see her for another 6 months.

The trip home was again extremely painful and tiring. I am glad my parents don't live any further away.

Monday May 19th-Tuesday 20th:

I had plans to do "stuff" but my body had other ideas. I was awake most of the night being very ill and was not up to much. Twitter was my friend and kept me from feeling too miserable or sorry for myself!

Wednesday May 21st:

Felt a lot better today. I ventured outside for the first time since I got back. Unfortunately I only got as far as the postbox and bank at the bottom of the road before I started feeling extremely ill and shaky and had to come home again.
Nonetheless I was able to do several jobs around the house so did feel that the day was productive. And at least my health appears to be going up rather than down.

Thursday May 22nd:

So much for that. Feeling worse again. On the other hand the weather has decided to turn into bad thunderstorms so I couldn't have gone out even if I had wanted to!

Friday May 23rd:

Still not feeling great. However I went and visited my friend and saw my god daughter and her little sis. Or to put it another way I got in a taxi and then flopped on their sofa for the rest of the day while the kids jumped on me or chatted to me nineteen to the dozen! It was very enjoyable but am still hoping things will pick up healthwise.

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