Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 10: May 10th-16th: Family Outings

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Saturday 10th-Sunday May 11th:

My sister had invited old university friends so she could catch up. The rest of the family had gone to London to catch up with friends of their own who were visiting from France.
As for myself, as indicated at the end of my last post, the various wheelchair walks and playing with my niece had caught up with me with greatly increased pain and various symptoms. So this time was spent recovering.

Monday May 12th:

My sister, Mum and Dad all have birthdays in May. Since my other sister had also managed to join us and I was now feeling better, we decided to do a joint celebration.
We went out for lunch at the local village pub and enjoyed an evening together with cake and champagne (at least for those of us allowed alcohol, which sadly does not include me!).

Tuesday May 14th:

This was an absolutely glorious day. I was still feeling reasonably good and so Mum, my sister, niece and myself went on a wheelchair (and pushchair!) walk along a local canal.
However I first went and visited the grave of a very dear friend of mine who died a couple of months ago. He had been my archery coach from the age of 16 until my illness forced me to give it all up at age 20, but he was much more than that. He was like family to me. Quite apart from being funny, kind, generous as well as simply an interesting person, he was there when I first became ill and supported me through it all. He was a huge part of my life and I will never forget him.

Canal Walk Entrance

Twisty Path

The Road Ahead

Canal Locks

Barging Through

Dog Figurehead

Wednesday May 15th:

Bleurgh. Muscles gave up in disgust. Day was spent sprawled in a heap.

Thursday May 16th:

Marginally better. I went out briefly with my sister and niece to shop for clothes. We managed one shop and then rushed home again!

Friday May 17th

This was a slightly hard day. A friend of mine died in difficult circumstances a couple of weeks ago aged only 30. Her funeral was today. However due to the travel and length of service etc, it was not possible for me to attend. We supported each other in our respective illnesses and I know she would not have wanted me to put my health at risk. As a compromise I therefore went to the local church and spent time there instead. I think it is what she would have wanted.


Local Cemetery

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