Thursday, 22 May 2014

Week 8: April 26th-May 2nd: Fish Tank Therapy

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Well things certainly did not improve after Friday night.
Over the weekend I became so ill that I could barely stand. This was a problem as I receive less care at weekends.
A very good friend of mine comes round several times a week to spend time chatting, playing games and watching a film or episodes of whatever TV drama series we're into at the moment. He was due to come round in the evenings.
When I realised that even going to the kitchen to fetch supper that my carer/PA (personal assistant) had prepared for me was next to impossible, I phoned him to see if he could come round early and give me a hand. Luckily he was happy to do so and in fact we spent quite a fun weekend together despite the fact that I felt like death warmed up.

The rest of the week was spent recovering. I was too ill to do much at all. I fell asleep if I watched TV.  I couldn't read. I couldn't listen to audiobooks. I couldn't spend any time on my laptop. So mostly I watched my fish tanks!

I have 3 of these in my lounge: 2 larger and 1 small one.
Being a geek, I have decorated one on a Doctor Who theme. The others are currently decorated on a greek and oriental theme respectively.

These are great for the days when I am this ill. They are simultaneously soothing and interesting to watch. It is certainly a lot better than staring at the ceiling! This is what I call my "fish tank therapy".

Doctor Who Fish Tank

Greek Fish Tank

Oriental Fish Tank

End of Week 8
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