Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Week 7: April 19th-25th, Easter Visit

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Saturday April 24th-Monday April 26th: Easter Visit

My parents arrived for the Easter Weekend. We are a very close family so it was really great to see them.
My sister also came for Easter Sunday. This is unusual as she lives a hectic lifestyle as a freelance classical musician and is usually touring the country.
The great news is that I was well enough to go out for lunch again with the family. Things really are going well at the moment. That is now two trips out in little over a week.
I have to admit that Easter Monday however was spent recovering in a little heap!

Tuesday April 22nd- Wednesday April 23rd

The weather had turned cold and I was still extremely tired from the weekend, so had to stay indoors. I spent my time catching up on my online astronomy course, although I was less then impressed with the subject material of Moon rocks. I didn't like geology at school and it turns out I still don't like it now!

Thursday April 24th

The weather had turned sunny again today and I was feeling much better, so I made the most of it and went for a long walk. It is striking how much the trees and flowers are changing now. Everywhere is bright green and it is very different to just a month ago.

Green Lane

Intermediate Green Avenue (Compare to March 12th, Week 1)

Friday April 25th

Today was a hospital appointment with my gastroenterologist. Typically it tipped it down so we got drenched getting the wheelchair in and out the car both here and at the hospital!
I had been ill during the night with, as it happens, gastric symptoms, so was not feeling at my best. Still, the appointment didn't take long and I was able to get back home quite quickly. The appointment was routine. Basically keep doing what we're doing and keep an eye on things.

However I deteriorated a lot during the day. I dragged myself to bed before 8pm. I was awake most of the night with nausea, headache, joint pain, dizziness, episodes of full blown vertigo, twitching, jerking, severe cramps and gastric symptoms.

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