Friday, 11 April 2014

Week 2: March 15th-March 21st. "The Ramp"

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Saturday March 15th

Things did look up again at the weekend. Not only was I feeling better but the weather decided to brighten up and we had one of the warmest weekends yet. It really felt like Spring.

The warm weather brought people outdoors to enjoy the sunshine both at the duckpond and fishing at the ornamental lake.

Saturday Sunshine at the Duckpond

Gone Fishing

Tuesday March 18th

Unfortunately I had to spend the next few days resting. Going out so much was catching up with me and sitting up was difficult, let alone safely driving my wheelchair.

By the time I could go out again the weather had drastically changed and it felt more like winter again. The sun was weak and feeble and was struggling to break through the scurrying clouds.

Struggling Sun

The wind had been quite strong over the past few days and was still gusty. Large branches littered the ground as seen in the next pic. I had to cut my journey short and avoid the woody areas. In any case, I was freezing!

Fallen branch on bleak avenue

Thursday March 20th: The Ramp

After another day recovering I set out again. I met a pair of ducks in the bushes close to my flat getting very friendly.

Friendly Ducks

Unfortunately I met an unpleasant surprise in the form of "pavement works" on my only known route to the Common. The pavement goes under the road through an underpass. Work was being done there. A "ramp" had been put in to allow cyclists through.

Although it looks small, its design means it tips wheelchairs over backwards and electric wheelchairs in particular risk "beaching" themselves on it, making it totally inaccessible.  I could not reach the Common but had to turn back and go home.

The work will continue for at least 10 days. I phoned the council but they were no help whatsoever. This appears to be a standard "ramp". I find it unacceptable that pavements can be blocked like this with no consideration for disabled people, particular with no warning at all. If I had known about it I could at least have looked for a different route and not wasted my time and energy.

The Inaccessible "tip you backwards" Ramp

Friday March 21st

I wasn't feeling at all well today. I did leave the flat for 10 minutes and made it to the bank at the end of the road but that was it. I didn't take a photo, but I imagine you won't feel that is a big loss. :D

This marks the end of Week 2.

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