Thursday, 17 April 2014

Week 6: April 12th-18th, A Day to Remember

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Saturday April 12th: A Day to Remember

Today was a brilliant day.
I went out for lunch to the pub with a friend. This, for me, is a very rare and special occasion. I am seldom well enough to do so. The last time I went out to the pub was during the Christmas holidays in December, almost 4 months ago!

The pub is nice. It is fully accessible (including a disabled loo, which, as disabled readers will know, is a rarity). The food was expensive but good. I had steak and treated myself to a hot chocolate brownie for dessert. (Well, if I'm going to finally manage to eat out, I may as well make the most of it while I'm there!)

We then came home and I collapsed in a heap on the daybed. After I'd recovered somewhat we watched the second hobbit film which I had been waiting for months to see (even ignoring my epilepsy, I can't sit up through a whole film at the cinema).

All in all, a wonderful day to remember.

To the pub!

I can't believe I'm here!

Sunday April 13th

As expected I was too stiff and sore to move today after sitting up at the pub to eat. Despite the beautiful weather the day had to be spent indoors, hiding under the duvet with the heated blanket on, trying to get the pain to subside a little.
Still, all was not lost. I enjoyed watching some episodes of Castle, playing games, and starting a cross stitch for my little niece in Australia. I intend to finish it for Christmas. It was a good day.

Monday April 14th

Sitting up was still painful today but I was able to force myself to leave the house. The weather is absolutely gorgeous at the moment. Mind you, I still feel the cold. I feel very much the odd person out as I am still wearing my winter coat and gloves whereas all around me people are enjoying the sun in T-shirts. Of course it is very different when you are sitting in an electric wheelchair without moving as opposed to walking, not to mention a degree of windchill! My concession today was to remove my hat.

My photo today is of the Tree Trio I took a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise I came across a funfair setting up around it! There must be something planned for Easter weekend.

Funfair around the Tree Trio

Tuesday April 15th

I was struggling quite a bit today with quite high pain levels. I also discovered that I'd forgotten to recharge my wheelchair! This isn't too much of a problem. Roadrunner (outdoor wheelchair) should be capable of doing 24 miles (albeit on a smooth flat surface). So even if I forget to recharge him a couple of times, I should still be able to take him out a few days running, since the longest walk I do is 4 miles long.
Still, I decided I would only go on a short walk today and even then, had to really drag myself out kicking and screaming. I'm trying to convince myself it was a good idea, but given I'm still cold over an hour after getting back and snuggling under a duvet, part of me is still sulking!

At least it was a beautiful day. Most trees are now in blossom. This one is near a church I go past.

P.S. I have a habit of naming inanimate objects. This has included my bow when I still did archery, and my clarinet and my saxophone when I was still able to do music.

Church Cherry Tree in Blossom

Wednesday April 16th

Very sore, sick and shaky today so had to stay indoors. As I've mentioned before this doesn't mean it was a boring or bad day, but I am disappointed to miss the good weather.

Thursday April 17th

URGH. And possibly yuck. Nearly collapsed while standing in the kitchen. Although I have an indoor electric wheelchair I try to walk as much as I can. So some of the time I use the wheelchair and some of the time I walk. Whether I use the chair varies considerably throughout the day and also on how far I am going (eg across a room or all the way down the hallway). Today I obviously misjudged how well I was feeling!

It goes without saying that I was confined to the house today. Anyway to cheer me up here is a great pic of the tree outside my window which has finally blossomed. It blossoms once a year for two weeks and looks magnificent. The rest of the time it is boring! This was taken yesterday as the evening sun was shining on it.

Evening sun on red blossom

Friday April 18th

I'm writing this on Thursday.  I have family coming at the weekend for Easter. This means I will need to rest in preparation, particularly as I haven't felt all that well the past couple of days. Unfortunately this also means no wheelchair walk. On the positive side I'm hoping the rest will allow me to recover enough to have a good weekend.

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  1. Just found your blog via Twitter. Lovely photos. I too have limited mobility and use a scooter to get out. Must take some more photos as I go.... Especially now Spring has arrived!! :D

    1. Thank you! Taking the photos really does make the trips out even better. It makes me very aware of my surroudings and I see a lot of beautiful things I might otherwise have missed. Happy travelling!