Friday, 11 April 2014

Week 5: April 5th-April 11th, The Twig

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Saturday-Sunday April 5th/6th

I was still feeling a bit "urgh" from the 5 days of seizures but by now well enough to see friends without fear of having one in front of them.
A friend came to stay for the weekend and we went and had dinner at a friend's house.
I should perhaps add that this actually just involves me transferring from my daybed to their sofa via a short car journey, where I lie down with my heated blanket. I then don't move again. We eat on laptrays so I don't have to sit up.
This was all good fun and I got the chance to briefly see my god daughter.

Monday April 7th

Ok, so *I* felt well enough to go out, but the heavens opened. Now, I may be keen to get back outside, but I'm not THAT keen...

Tuesday April 8th

The sun had finally returned and my health was looking up so I was at last able to get back out.  It is currently the Easter holidays and so the playground was fully of children making the most of the weather. Note that we finally have some greenery on the trees!

Holiday at the Playground

Wednesday April 09th: The Twig

This was not the most successful of my wheelchair walks!
A small but thick twig lodged itself between the wheel and the mainframe of the wheelchair. I had to "limp" to the nearest park bench to try and pry it out.
This took about ten minutes and ended with me almost lying on the ground. After I finished I couldn't get back up. URGH!
I eventually did heave myself back into my wheelchair but hurt both legs doing so.
Obviously I stayed calm and collected and at no point did any swearing occur. ;)

I did manage to take a pic of this tree in blossom which is only visible from a single point on the Common. It is completely hidden from any other angle.

White Blossom

Thursday April 10th

Today, thanks to yesterday's rolling around and trying to get up and down off the ground, I was stiff and shaky which seems a contradiction in terms, but there you go. I was therefore unable to sit up or move.
Hence today's "wheelchair walk" pic is a "cheat" as is taken through my lounge window. One of the trees in the garden has just blossomed and the morning sun was shining beautifully on it.

Garden Blossom

Friday April 11th

Today I felt better again and was able to go out. It took until late in the afternoon for me to finally be well enough to leave so I wasn't able to stay out long as had to be back in time for a friend's evening visit.

Today I just took a pic of some of the numerous dog walkers who populate the Common.

Dog Walkers

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