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The Project 2014, Week 1: March 10th-March 14th

The Project 

I have recently started to feel a bit better. "Better" is relative, of course. "Better" means "not bedbound". "Better" means "maybe I can leave my flat and go outside". Given that I've been pretty much housebound for the past 5 years, this is simply amazing. When I say "housebound", I mean it. I can go for months without crossing the threshold of my front door. 

The first two months of 2014 have been pretty "meh". I have left the house twice and that was for hospital appointments. I won't bore you with details of illness and symptoms. This isn't what this is about.

The point is things are looking up! And so I have set myself a personal goal of going outside as much as I possibly can.
I am lucky in that I live about 100 yards away from "The Common", a lovely large green area for pedestrians and bikes where I can go for "walks" in my electric wheelchair. I have devised a looped route which is about 4 miles long (according to Google Maps!). 
I obviously don't have to do that every single day. On days when I don't feel so good, I can turn back sooner. But I will try to do as much as possible as often as possible. It will also almost certainly not be possible for me to go out every single day. We shall see.

To give me some incentive as well as something fun to do should the novelty of going outdoors ever wear off, a friend suggested I take a photo every day I succeed in going out. This blog will now be dedicated to a record of these outings, assuming my health holds up.

Week 1: March 10th-March 14th

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Monday March 10th:

My first picture. Feeling a bit unsure of this whole project. I stumbled across what are probably weeds, but the first burst of colour in this still wintery landscape. I love these little paths which wind their way off the main concreted path I go along in the wheelchair. I always wonder where they lead.

Wandering Yellow Path

Tuesday March 11th

The duckpond today was filled with seagulls. When I first approached they scared and flew off but soon came back and settled down.

Flying Seagulls

Seagulls on the Duckpond

Wednesday March 12th

This beautiful "Avenue" part of the common is usually filled with people. Today, suddenly for no reason, it emptied ahead of me. I scooted forward and quickly snapped off this shot just in time before people came back into view.

Deserted Avenue

Thursday March 13th

I am really starting to feel the strain of going out in the wheelchair every day.  I did have quite a nasty fall on Wednesday night. My legs were very shaky and gave way immediately upon standing, taking me by surprise. This is definitely down to the extra effort of going out. No harm was done though and I am still extremely pleased with how well I am doing.

My choice of photo for today is this trio of trees.
Trees are my favourite "plant". Most people like flowers and smaller garden type plants, but I love the huge impressive towering trees. I therefore really enjoy going past these three magnificent specimens on my route. The person between them gives you an idea of their size.

Trio of Trees

Friday March 14th

Friends came to visit and my physical state in any case meant going out was not on the cards. Hopefully I'll feel back up to it by the weekend.

End of Week 1

Click here for Week 2.

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