Friday, 11 April 2014

Week 3: March 22nd - March 28th, A disastrous trip

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Saturday March 22nd

Since my normal route to the Common is now blocked I've had to look for an alternative. Luckily I did find another way. It is rather annoying as I have to drive on the street for a while and then cross 3 busy roads, but I can get there within 5 to 10 minutes.

The weather was warmer again today which was rather pleasant. The good thing about this new route is that I'm seeing part of the Common I normally don't. I was rather struck by two trees I saw. One which had been felled and the other which was an old twisted old thing catching the sunlight.


Gnarly Tree

Monday March 24th

After a day's rest I was well enough to go out again. Although cloudy it is definitely getting warmer. I took photos around the ornamental lake today.

Coot from the Lake

Swan Lake

Wednesday March 26th

Yet another day's rest and out again. I was delighted to discover swans on the duckpond today. I was wary of getting too close but was still able to get some pics.

Swan on the Duckpond

Thursday March 27th: A Disastrous Trip

I didn't go to the Common today but to the petshop to buy some fish.
It was a DISASTER!
A white van had parked on the pavement which meant I had to go onto the road to oncoming traffic. This left me a little shaken.
I was still sighing from relief when an elderly couple got cross with me because they thought I was sighing at them for being in my way! I'm not sure they bought my explanation.
When I finally got to the petshop and got the assistant to catch the fish I wanted, I discovered I'd left my money at home. ARGH!
The only positive was the picture I took of this rather striking set of bushes.

Bright Bushes

Friday March 28th

The next day I returned to the petshop with money this time. It really does work better that way!
I took the following picture which really is quite special in that only a wheelchair user would spot it. The blossom was poking over a garden fence. 
Someone walking past it would just see some blossom at head height against a fence. 
As a wheelchair user I had to look up and so saw the contrast of the blossom against this beautiful intricate web of branches across the sky.

Blossoming Sky

End of Week 3

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